Briggs Whiteford takes herself away to a place more inward than is safe to go and from that frightful aloneness, she returns to us paintings that are vibrant and extraordinary, majestic visions that come alive.

—Stellasue Lee, Ph.D.



Briggs Whiteford makes visible what I have only previously felt in the deep waters of my own experience.

—Gina Carlton



Like Briggs herself, her work beings a radiant energy of mystery and not so subtle Southern sophistication.

—Lori Richards, Collector



Briggs is a woman who finds art in life and then brings that life into her art.

—Steve Chandler, Author, Life Coach




Do you own a Briggs Whiteford?  USM does. They're alive you know-they convey a living energy-they engage you. We love ours. 


—Ron Hulnick, President of University of Santa Monica



You are truly a gifted artist expressing your God given gifts in such beautiful, alive, and dynamic ways.


Mary Hulnick, Chief Academic Officer